This Real Estate Agent Explains Why A Tiny House Might Be For You

Brad Roemer is one of Oakland’s top real estate agents, Him and his team are constantly praised for their marketing prowess and negotiating knowledge. Roemer has over ten years of experience, first at Sotheby’s (for five years) and then at his own independent company that he started. Roemer has his ear closely held to the ground and is following every possible market trend through and through. We’re taking this opportunity to hear his views about this relatively new trend: tiny homes. What follows is a guest article by Brad Roemer.


How Comfortable Are You Breaking The Mold


This is the first thing to consider. Are you able to live differently from others and not feel insecure or be ostracized? If you’re an investment banker, this is probably not the house for you. First of all you can afford a maid for a normal sized home if that’s your career, second, your colleagues will look at you sideways when they find out. But if you’re in a place in life where you can be a little more eccentric, then by all means go ahead. Here’s why you SHOULD consider joining the tiny house trend.


You Save On Living Expenses


This is one of the primary reasons people do it. Minimal living expenses. In a tiny house, your living expenses are limited to almost exactly how much you use of water, heating, etc. The other thing is these are super affordable. So no mortgage for you!


Living Green


This falls in line with the above decrease in living expenses. When you live in a tiny house, you can reduce your carbon footprint to just about zero. Simply by placing solar panels on the roof of your tiny house, you can generate more electricity than the house will consume on its own and sell that excess power to a third party.


Declutter And Save Time


In a tiny house you have the obligation to make the best use of what little space you have, which means you have to say goodby to a lot of stuff. Which, if you think about it, is really unnecessary in life. The other thing is that if every you do need to clean. It’ll be five minutes.


But There Are Downsides


Other than perception, there is one other downside I want to mention. A tiny house is not an investment property. It will not appreciate in value like regular real estate does. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it strategically. You can buy a rental property to make money from while living in one of these.

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