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Drug addiction is a very complex treatment for a disease that requires accurate and correct diagnosis. It is from her will hang the final result of the patient’s healing and his fate. The specialists of the clinic are able to make an accurate diagnosis of “drug addiction” on the basis of the following main criteria: behavioral disorders, clinical images of common types of drug addiction, physical well-being aimed at revealing the dependence of clinical studies and analyzes in the laboratory.

  • For patients with addiction, mood swings, depression, apathy, indifference to events around and unwillingness to participate in them are characteristic. Drug addicts have no interests that are not related to taking the next dose.
  • In some cases, to identify drug dependence, it is enough to look at a person, his physical condition, appearance and skin condition. Find the best rehab

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If visual signs do not produce a drug addict in a person, then laboratory tests for blood, urine and other materials are submitted. Often used screening tests available in pharmacies for prevention, for example, in educational institutions.

The Medical Center conducts professional diagnostics of drug addiction, as well as treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of drug dependence. If you have addiction to your family, get help from specialists as soon as possible (you can call a narcologist at your house). They will help to quickly identify the signs of addiction to drugs and cure the patient.

  • The most difficult test for a person undergoing treatment for drug dependence is a period of withdrawal, which necessarily accompanies the abandonment of drugs. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of what the duration and complexity of this period are, these characteristics are strictly individual and depend on the state of the patient’s health and on his mood, the desire to cope with the problem of dependence forever. The specialists of the clinic try to do everything possible for people who are in a difficult situation, the experts provide the necessary help and support to those who turn to the experts for help. For emergency help, they have a service to call an expert in narcology at home, which is especially relevant for the period of withdrawal, when it may be necessary to immediately intervene medics, but there is no way to deliver the patient to the clinic.

Overcoming the period of breaking takes place in several consecutive stages, allowing the patient to overcome this most difficult period as easily as possible. Initially, procedures are in place to get rid of physical dependence. Then follows the period of overcoming psychological dependence.The experts are ready to help patients with the most serious forms of diseases. Many years of successful work experience, high qualification of the specialists of the narcological clinic and sincere desire to help theirpatients allow the experts to effectively cope with both physical and psychological dependence.

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