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What it takes to select a domain name

The thought process that goes into choosing a domain name is similar to when you’re choosing a company name. It requires extensive research and pondering on what name capture the essence of the website that you wish to launch. The name is lasting and therefore unless,in the event of a rebrand, you want the site running under its current name for years to come. What then should one keep in mind?

Easy to remember and type

You don’t want to be overly fancy with words and symbols on your domain name. Keep it simple and use full words and not text English. An example is using ‘you’ instead of ‘u’ in your domain name. That way, people can find you when doing a simple google search. You, therefore, want to stick with words in the English dictionary or those from your native tongue. Equally, avoid hyphens and other symbols that will likely confuse.

Keep it short

The longer your domain name the likely it is people will misspell it or forget the word order. A short and punchy domain name is an idea as it leaves less room for misunderstanding. That way, people can, on the first try, find your website.

Make it relevant

Keywords are one of the ways you can add relevance to your domain name. If one is running a notary services cost comparison website, the primary elements ought to be in the domain name. That way, when a person hears or comes across it for the first time, they can tell even before opening the site they type of content they should expect to find. Using keywords also improves one’s search engine ranking.


Adding your location in the domain name makes it that much easier for potential clients to find out. If someone is looking for notary services in their area, they are likely to click on your link because it immediately gives your location away. You don’t want to be getting traffic to your site, only for people to find you’re based in a different country. It therefore saves time and attracts the right kind of traffic to your website.

Find the appropriate domain name extension

.com has been around since the invention of the internet. That makes it hard to create memorable domain names because it is likely that someone got there first. Thankfully there are other alternatives, that, depending on your brand, you can use. .org, .edu and .guru are some of what you can use to register your domain name and stand out.

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