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This Real Estate Agent Explains Why A Tiny House Might Be For You

Brad Roemer is one of Oakland’s top real estate agents, Him and his team are constantly praised for their marketing prowess and negotiating knowledge. Roemer has over ten years of experience, first at Sotheby’s (for five years) and then at his own independent company that he started. Roemer has his ear closely held to the ground and is following every possible market trend through and through. We’re taking this opportunity to hear his views about this relatively new trend: tiny homes. What follows is a guest article by Brad Roemer.


How Comfortable Are You Breaking The Mold


This is the first thing to consider. Are you able to live differently from others and not feel insecure or be ostracized? If you’re an investment banker, this is probably not the house for you. First of all you can afford a maid for a normal sized home if that’s your career, second, your colleagues will look at you sideways when they find out. But if you’re in a place in life where you can be a little more eccentric, then by all means go ahead. Here’s why you SHOULD consider joining the tiny house trend.


You Save On Living Expenses


This is one of the primary reasons people do it. Minimal living expenses. In a tiny house, your living expenses are limited to almost exactly how much you use of water, heating, etc. The other thing is these are super affordable. So no mortgage for you!


Living Green


This falls in line with the above decrease in living expenses. When you live in a tiny house, you can reduce your carbon footprint to just about zero. Simply by placing solar panels on the roof of your tiny house, you can generate more electricity than the house will consume on its own and sell that excess power to a third party.


Declutter And Save Time


In a tiny house you have the obligation to make the best use of what little space you have, which means you have to say goodby to a lot of stuff. Which, if you think about it, is really unnecessary in life. The other thing is that if every you do need to clean. It’ll be five minutes.


But There Are Downsides


Other than perception, there is one other downside I want to mention. A tiny house is not an investment property. It will not appreciate in value like regular real estate does. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it strategically. You can buy a rental property to make money from while living in one of these.

Perfect Options for the Proper Internet marketing Results

Access to the Internet has become quite affordable over the years, thanks to technological progress in the field of information technology infrastructure. As a result, home users and micro-enterprises more use the services of the global network in everyday life.

At the same time, there are people who benefit greatly from using websites to promote their services and products globally, as well as people who regretted investing in Internet technologies. Many Internet users do not know that having a website is not enough for a successful business. This article provides marketing tips for the Internet. Pay attention to these unusual and effective business strategies.


To find your website a search engine, it is vital that you implement its optimization. You can use a lot of online services, such as AddMe . These programs will add the site to the first lines of search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Ask.

This can be achieved by using keywords when creating site content. In search of optimal keywords you can help services available from Google. Perhaps you are interested in the article 10 of the most visited websites in the world. At the good at interent marketing you will be having the perfect deals now.


After the site began to work and deserved the attention of visitors to the network, do not stop there. To be successful in the Internet business, you must constantly respond to the changing needs of customers and adjust the content of the site. Accommodation on the site of interesting articles for reading will constantly attract the attention of visitors.

According to experts, the content of the website should be changed weekly in order to remain relevant.


This may seem a bit confusing for some people, especially for newcomers to the online business. Before deciding which link to add, it is important to conduct a preliminary study to find the most appropriate ones. For example, Back SEO offers useful information about adding a link to your site.

The last but not the least important rule is the use of blog networks. This service can allow you to promote products and services on the Internet. Blogs exist for many years. They have gained a certain popularity as sources for news, as well as entertainment. Pay attention to the 6 advantages of blogging .

In any online business, business relationships are everything. The above strategies were developed to allow you to establish yourself in the online market, receiving relevant information for solving business problems.

Find the Solutions for Drug Addictions You are Looking for

Drug addiction is a very complex treatment for a disease that requires accurate and correct diagnosis. It is from her will hang the final result of the patient’s healing and his fate. The specialists of the clinic are able to make an accurate diagnosis of “drug addiction” on the basis of the following main criteria: behavioral disorders, clinical images of common types of drug addiction, physical well-being aimed at revealing the dependence of clinical studies and analyzes in the laboratory.

  • For patients with addiction, mood swings, depression, apathy, indifference to events around and unwillingness to participate in them are characteristic. Drug addicts have no interests that are not related to taking the next dose.
  • In some cases, to identify drug dependence, it is enough to look at a person, his physical condition, appearance and skin condition. Find the best rehab

Guarantee of anonymity 100%

If visual signs do not produce a drug addict in a person, then laboratory tests for blood, urine and other materials are submitted. Often used screening tests available in pharmacies for prevention, for example, in educational institutions.

The Medical Center conducts professional diagnostics of drug addiction, as well as treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of drug dependence. If you have addiction to your family, get help from specialists as soon as possible (you can call a narcologist at your house). They will help to quickly identify the signs of addiction to drugs and cure the patient.

  • The most difficult test for a person undergoing treatment for drug dependence is a period of withdrawal, which necessarily accompanies the abandonment of drugs. It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question of what the duration and complexity of this period are, these characteristics are strictly individual and depend on the state of the patient’s health and on his mood, the desire to cope with the problem of dependence forever. The specialists of the clinic try to do everything possible for people who are in a difficult situation, the experts provide the necessary help and support to those who turn to the experts for help. For emergency help, they have a service to call an expert in narcology at home, which is especially relevant for the period of withdrawal, when it may be necessary to immediately intervene medics, but there is no way to deliver the patient to the clinic.

Overcoming the period of breaking takes place in several consecutive stages, allowing the patient to overcome this most difficult period as easily as possible. Initially, procedures are in place to get rid of physical dependence. Then follows the period of overcoming psychological dependence.The experts are ready to help patients with the most serious forms of diseases. Many years of successful work experience, high qualification of the specialists of the narcological clinic and sincere desire to help theirpatients allow the experts to effectively cope with both physical and psychological dependence.

Understanding Dreams Come True in Business: The Best Steps

Factoring is one of the terms used in the financial environment. This can be seen as an alternative that allows having accounts receivable in advance. Three actors participate in this activity: the factoring company, the seller or client and the debtor.

This financial service offers immediate financing to the customer of its commercial credit sales to other companies, or obtaining the insolvency guarantee of its buyers.

The operation of the factoring begins when the customer, natural or legal person who has credit rights in force, derived from commercial operations, goes to the factoring company. The financial factoring company will be the one that assumes the different credit risks that the client takes, evaluates the credit conditions of the debtors and informs its clients of the changes in the solvency of the same, in addition to, among other things, taking actions of collection. For the factoring accounts receivable this is important.

Being an alternative financing line, it facilitates the provision of funds according to the needs of the company. For example, whenever sales occur, they can be transformed into liquid assets, and with this service there will be a mobilization of the debtors’ portfolio and the collection of all of them is guaranteed.

With factoring, a company could improve its financial situation and the monetary position, since it avoids debts that could increase liabilities.

Factoring accounts receivable (Factoring)

Factoring is a variant of financing that is executed through a contract for the sale of accounts receivable. It is an operation consisting of the advance of cash against invoices originated by commercial operations, and includes the cession to the factor of the collection rights so that this one makes the collection on account and representation of the client. Factoring operations can be carried out by financing entities or by credit institutions: banks, savings banks and credit cooperatives.

Reorganization of the client portfolio

For the managerial staff, saving time spent supervising anddirect the organization of a sales accounting. No indebtedness: firm purchase without recourse. It allows receiving advances of the assigned credits. Simplifies accounting, since through the Factoring contract, the user has only one client, who pays in cash.

In the current context, traditional factoring companies are also striving to offer innovative and complementary services in order to better meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. For example, an outsourcing of cash management to be able to focus on the commercial plan, or a proposal of tools allowing companies to send the files via internet.

Proper Load Board Options Now for You

When a major truck gets excessively close, it is simple to feel utterly intimidated, especially on the expressway. Keep these tips as a top priority to maintain a strategic distance from impacts with trucks and remain safe out and about.

Focus on blind sides

Not just are trucks bigger and more powerful than autos, yet they likewise have larger blind sides. It is therefore more troublesome for drivers to see you coming. In general, on the off chance that you don’t see the driver in his side mirror, he does not see you either. Rather than driving in the blind side of a truck driver, back off and keep your distance, or pass the truck when it is safe to do as such. Go over the truck safely. Because of their size and weight, trucks need a longer braking distance than other vehicles out and about. With the truck load boards this is the best option.

You ought to never slip before a truck and brake

It may hurt you. Just go past it when there is enough space for you to accelerate and create a certain distance between you and the truck once you are before it. Leave space for trucks to join the street. Intersection lanes may seem short enough for large truck drivers, especially when activity on the next lane is heavy. On the off chance that you are on the interstate and see a truck preparing to join the roadway, move safely to the next lane or back off marginally to enable it to pass; you will abstain from ending up in the blind side of the driver.

These tips are just a few steps you can take to reduce the danger of a truck accident. Even when there is no truck around you, you ought to dependably drive at a safe speed, use your turn signals when switching to another lane, stay away from sudden lane changes and sudden braking, and keep up a safe distance between your vehicle and the one before you.

Accidents can happen

In case you have not looked at your accident coverage approach for quite a while, contact your insurance broker to affirm that you have the coverage you need to protect yourself in the event of an impact

As we noted above, the recommendations set out in this article relate mainly to organizational, not technical, transformations. Nevertheless, this does not mean that a significant increase in productivity cannot be achieved by introducing new technologies.

On the contrary, for some companies, especially for logistics operators and large manufacturers, new technologies can be the only practical solution to the problems of improving the profitability of the enterprise.

Discovering the Essential Deals for the Factoring

We recently wrote that the average period of payment of invoices is 79.4 days that 44% of SMEs have bills pending collection and that, of these, 11% say they will never charge a tenth of their sales. Unfortunately, this situation can bankrupt too many companies.

What is factoring?

Factoring consists of a financial operation through which a company transfers the invoices generated by its sales to a company (usually banks) that will be in charge of managing the collection. In return, the factoring company will offer the amount of the assigned invoices, minus a commission percentage. At the Apex capital corp’sfactring program you will be having the best deals now.

Let’s take an example. The company has made a sale to the company Luca and therefore sends an invoice with a maturity of 30 days for the amount of 10,000 euros. Through the signing of a contract, this gives it to the respective bank, who immediately gives 9,000 euros, 90% of the total amount of the invoice. Now the bank will have the collection rights and therefore the company must pay the bank 100% of the invoice directly. Thus, the bank will obtain 10,000 euros and, therefore, will have earned 1,000 euros.

Factoring modalities

There are two types of factoring depending on the coverage of default risk:

With recourse

In this case, the bank does not assume the risk of default and may act against the company transferring the invoices in case of default by the customer. The bank will carry out all extrajudicial and judicial measures to guarantee collection. However, in the event that it is impossible to collect, the bank will return the invoices to the ceding company and recover the amount advanced.

This modality is usually the most usual, unless the company is very large and with very good credit rating.

No recourse

Here the bank does take over the insolvency risk of the client, not being able to act against the ceding company if a default occurs. This supposes an increase in the cost of the operation, therefore the commission for the bank will be higher than in the previous modality.

Advantages of factoring

  1. Immediate liquidity

The clearest advantage is the provision of immediate liquidity. We have already seen that the average payment period between companies is almost 80 days, well above the legal term. However, it is difficult to resolve this situation since starting a claim procedure is not always an easy task.

Thanks to factoring, invoices can be charged at the same time they are issued. It is true that a commission will be applied and therefore the company will not charge 100% of the invoice. Therefore, the need for liquidity must be assessed, as well as the due dates of the invoice or the doubtful collection.

  1. No debts are generated

It is simply an exchange of collection rights between the transferor and the bank, no debts are generated. Thanks to this, if the company at a specific moment needs to request a loan, it can do so without factoring harming it, since it will have obtained the necessary liquidity without incurring debt.

  1. Outsource collection management

We could consider factoring as an external service to carry out collection procedures. This means that the company does not have to allocate any resources to this type of operations. And, therefore, you can devote all your efforts in producing and selling.

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